Designed to your highest standards.
Crystal Waters Spas are truly among the finest spas available.  They are designed to withstand the severe northern elements and that translates to your guarantee of reliability, economy and peace of mind no matter where you live

Many colors and textures.
Spas are available in many beautiful shell colors (some textured), so you can choose the perfect match to your lifestyle and decor.

Hot tubs work their magic by circulating warm water and air through a system of high-pressure jet nozzles to provide therapeutic muscle stimulation, and relax the user. Today's technologically advanced models offer a wide array of specialized jetting systems including:
  Clustered jets to massage specific groups of muscles simultaneously - such as the  neck, shoulders, back or feet
Jets which direct their stream in a moving pattern to provide progressive relaxation of a muscle group
Air injection to add a tingling, bubbling, whole-body therapy. Specialized jets to put just the right amount of pressure on specific areas just as a masseuse varies the manner in which muscles are manipulated.
Physical and psychological benefits are immediate. Aches and pains disappear as the heat expands blood vessels to improve circulation, restore nutrients and cleanse muscles of carbon dioxide. Buoyancy lets the muscles and joints relax even more. Powerful, pulsating directional jets provide a soothing massage. No matter where your body shows the effects of stress, there's a hot tub system that can melt the tension away. Hot tubs are square. And round. And rectangular.  And Octagonal. And more. They are small enough to seat just two. Big enough for family and friends. And everything in-between! The most popular type is the "portable" hot tub. It's completely self-contained, with all necessary components - pumps, heaters, filter, and piping - tucked away in the hot  tub's cabinet. Installation is a breeze - indoors or out. And you can take it with you if you move. What's the best way to find the right hot tub? Sit down and relax in them! Some hot tubs offer multi-level seating for people of different body types. Some feature comfortable built-in lounges. It's important to choose the hot tub that matches your idea of perfect relaxation.

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